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What Sets Today’s Media Sales Apart?

Today’s Media Sales is the direct sales team for every media we represent. We’re not an advertising agency or buying service. We are the contract sales team for our media partners.   The Today’s Media sales model is relatively new, reflecting the changes in the media market and broadcast business overall. Our media partners work with Today’s Media usually for one or some combination of these reasons.   

  1. Shared cost of sales, a New York market sales team can be very expensive. By working with Today’s Media our partners are able to divide the fixed cost of sales across all partners thus lowering the cost to all and net lowering the media cost to the end buyer. 

2. High touch service, in many ways the service has come out of the media business. The Today’s Media model runs exactly opposite. We focus on a high level of service and attention to detail. We (as compared to the super groups) are a nimble and attentive. In way that large organizations with heavy debt loads just are not able to be.  

3. Packaging for Leverage, because Today’s Media represents a number of separate non-competitive and often complimentary networks and media properties we are able to put together packages and compete for business that induvial media otherwise would might not be considered on.   

4. Consolidated billing, in many cases Today’s Media is able to offer the convenience of consolidated billing payment.