Will I pay extra by buying through Today's Media (a 3rd Party)? 

NO and NO...  Today's Media is the Direct Sales Team either exclusively or in an addition to an in-house sales team.  Working with Today's Media and ANY of our contract media partners IS working directly with the media.

Who will bill us (the Client/Agency) and who will accept payment?

In most cases clients/agencies are billed directly by the media being purchased.  Payments are made to those media directly in accordance with their normal terms and conditions.  

Does Today's Media take an agency fee or discount either above or below the line? 

No all rates submitted by Todays Media are Gross/Net and final to the client/agency.  Today's Media is compensated by the media (just like any other AE might be). 

Are agency discounts available?

Yes, if you are a recognized agency and discounts are appropriate and considered “standard practice” absolutely.  

Will I get invoices and affidavits, and can they be Notarized for co-op billing? 

Yes, everything is the same. Think of Today’s Media as your AE.

Can I buy the media cheaper or get better terms or a more favorable deal by calling the GSM and buying direct? 

No, you are buying direct.  As with all things Today's Media does we are open about all our relationships.  So, if there is an internal person at a media property you'd like to or need to speak to we support your call and if needed are happy to help arrange same.


What about interviews, promotions or other creative use of the media?

 Absolutely! Today’s Media is your sole source of contact for the most creative uses of media across numerous platforms. There are occasions where Today's Media consolidates billing for the ease and convenience of advertisers.  In these cases, payment receipts/invoices etc will be forwarded from the media properties.