Take your Sales to the Next Level


Had Enough?

We, like you, have heard all the stories. The business is changing. “Programing buying” is taking over, “The Internet” is crushing our budgets, the list goes on… Here at Today’s Media we think all of that is another way of saying “Weak Selling”.   

Whatever Happen to Selling?

There was a time when a media seller, went out made a friend then taught that friend how to best use the media they represent. Where did that go? If you’re like us you know 90 plus percent of media is still purchased by people. It’s purchased by people with the intent in one way or another to sway people. That means media sales is STILL a relationship business. We dare say the huge success and staggering growth of Today’s Media Sales is proof.   

We Make Calls!

Today’s Media is a team of sellers, sales “dogs” let off the chain. We make calls, phone calls, (we even make ‘cold calls’) personal call, we take clients and prospective clients to dinner, lunch ball games golf and more. We build relationships and create business. Today’s Media’s Founders to this day still do business with their first client in the business 27 plus years ago.   

Changing Times

Have times changed, has the media business changed, ABSOLUTLY. There is more media, the consumer is harder to reach, find and influence. Budgets are spread wider, how purchases are made and tracked is all new. This is a new time for branding and research too. Big changes, no doubt. What hasn’t changed; nearly all of this is driven by PEOPLE. So long as People still do the buying and planning media will be a relationship business. No super group can replace that.    

Final Thought

So long as people consume media this will be a people business. Unless a competent trained seller with sharp bag of tools makes calls on your behalf… Things are not likely to change.  

Choose to join the Today’s Media family and we will on your behalf do the almost unthinkable. We’ll make calls on your behalf, we’ll create business. The idea almost sounds rouge, doesn’t it?   


Is Today’s Media an agency or do you do any Agency work or take an agency commission?  NO, Today’s Media is a contract sales rep that is paid by the media directly. We do not take any agency fee of any kind.    

How Quickly will I get paid? Up to you… Today’s Media will follow your payment policies and in most cases payment is made to you (the media) directly.   Will 

Today’s Media sell my competitor?  NO, our agreements are clear all the media we represent is complimentary NEVER competitive.